Happy Holidays!

PrimalScript 2017

Newly-revised and now offering a ribbon-based UI, PrimalScript is the most powerful script editor available, supporting over 50 languages. It now has a more powerful debugger with tracepoints and remote PowerShell debugging!

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PowerShell Studio 2017

PowerShell Studio is the most powerful and feature-complete PowerShell ISE around and now offers remote PowerShell debugging! It also sports a ribbon-based UI.

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SAPIEN Software Suite 2017

SAPIEN Software Suite is the collection of all our software: PrimalScript, PowerShell Studio, PrimalSQL, PrimalXML, VersionRecall, WMI Explorer, PowerShell HelpWriter and the SAPIEN Productivity Pack.

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VersionRecall 2017

VersionRecall automates your script backups in the simplest, fastest and most efficient way imaginable. Windows Explorer integration and built-in file comparison makes retrieving previous versions a snap!

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